Students are eligible for the Summer Science Academy (SSA) scholarship only if they will be entering 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th  grades after attending SSA and have successfully completed at least one session of the SSA prior to being admitted to McDaniel College, a private, selective college of the liberal arts and sciences located in Westminster, Maryland.

Those students who do successfully complete at least one session of the SSA by staying engaged in the material, laboratories, and discussion through the week-long program and exhibiting a positive attitude both in and out of the classroom will receive a guaranteed $40,000 scholarship to attend McDaniel College as an undergraduate. Receipt of scholarship is contingent on the student subsequently applying and being admitted to McDaniel. Students who have already been admitted to McDaniel are not eligible for the SSA scholarship. Although the SSA scholarship is non-transferable to other institutions it is a valuable accolade for any students pursuing a college career or science-related internship, research, or job.

The scholarship will be divided equally over the traditional four-year educational period and represents the minimum scholarship a student can receive. SSA students who apply to McDaniel College will also be eligible for additional scholarships and financial support based on their academic credentials. While students often apply initially for more than one scholarship, it is McDaniel’s policy to award students with the highest value award for which they are eligible and to combine the recognition.

This scholarship initiative supported by the McDaniel College administration demonstrates the importance of attracting well-qualified, science-oriented students to McDaniel. More about McDaniel College...